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  • Watching: The Salamders
  • Playing: waiting for Pokemon ORAS
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I got the comic posted an hour ago! :D View it in my gallery! ;3


Enjoy :film:!
Shadow Tag by Dragon-Art14
Shadow Tag
YES! WITH JUST A LITTLE LESS THAN AN HOUR TO SPARE!! This is the flat of the comic, so the shading and stuff will be added and updated later :)

Shadow Tag: A combination of hide-and-seek and tag that is played in the dark, team vs. team. Players are allowed teams of 2 or 3, or can opt to play solo. Being found doesn't get you out, being tagged and/or scared does. So work up your courage and get away as fast as you can if you want to stay in the game! The game continues until one team is left standing. Flinching doesn't count!
Winner gets the satisfaction of rubbing it everyone's face (if you want to) ;P

SLENDERMAN!!! AW YEAH! Since last year I was wanting to do a crossover in the comic with him, so I REAAALLY wanted to get it done! Jack Skellington was kind of a last minute decision while I was drawing, but it actually worked out better for me cuz he's like the most iconic Halloween character there is!  How could I NOT give him a cut in this too? C'mon, it's awesome! :D  (fyi, I would totally team up with these guys if I had the option! I COULD NOT LOSE!! ;D )
And, dude, skeptical ghost is skeptical XD
Anyone know how there's something about Slenderman wanting 20$ in exchange for your life? Maybe, maybe not, but I was all "Nah, man, gun for hire" XD Half now, half after the game :P

You know what? Symmetry. That is the 7th panel. I was gonna draw Hidan differently than Yahiko originally, but for ssome reason I just couldn't figure out how :\ Nothing wanted to work for me. So...SYMMETRY! Or something close to it :P

Also, of course pretty much all the panels look the same, this is at NIGHT (in case you didn't read the intro box).

One more thing, my mom says it's weird that I type and write the dollar sign after the number. Honestly I don't know why cuz $20 to me reads like "dollars 20" and nobody says that. We say "20 dollars" right? So it should be typed like 20$ instead.
That's my story and I'm stick in' to it ;P


Me: What are you talking about? I didn't cheat.

Hidan: Then what the @#%$ was all that about hiring a team?!

Me: I wouldn't call them a "team" per-say. Jack doesn't count cuz A. he's dead and B. he had to leave early for that "doom-bringing" job of his for Halloween, and Slenderman is always in the forest anyways. For all you know it was a coincidence and you can't prove otherwise. I could even be lying about hiring him, you'll never know~ :fella:

Hidan: Excuse me??!!

Slenderman: See, it's things like THAT that make me suspicious of you, kid.

Me: Haha yeah! XD I payed you though, so you can go now.

Slenderman: Indeed.

Hidan: HA! You just admitted it!

Me: Nope, that was code for "Trick-or-treat, smell my feet".


Well, thanks for viewing!

Next time: We'll see when that is ;3 Patience my awesome viewers!

  • Mood: Astonished
  • Listening to: meh.
  • Reading: meh.
  • Watching: The Salamders
  • Playing: waiting for Pokemon ORAS
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water
My idea to get it posted on time is to digitize what I have and then post a "flat" of the comic :) My version of a flat is a colored piece with no shading. Of course I'd get the shading done later on, but at least in a flat I'm getting it done on time ^^ So far the lineart is finished for pages 1 and 2 (panels 1-6), and I'm redoing a panel for page 3 and will be scanning it again tonight and hopefully I'll be getting all the coloring done tomorrow and have it posted at the end of the day! ;D
I'm so happy I actually have a shot at this!! :la: You'll see when it's up (hopefully around tomorrow night)!

Enjoy :film:
  • Mood: Nervous
  • Listening to: meh.
  • Reading: meh.
  • Watching: The Salamders
  • Playing: waiting for Pokemon ORAS
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water
It be comin'! That's why I'm busting my butt to try and get the next Akatsuki comic done in time for Halloween! :iconstudytimeplz: Though I also have a project for my government class that I just started today, and despite working with 2 other people it's gonna be pretty difficult to get it all done. :iconschoolplz: I haven't even gotten the pages for the comic scanned yet and it took me forever to get the previous comic digitized. So if I'm a little late PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!! QAQ!!!!
As it is I've been having to put a lot of requests and art projects for dA on hold cuz of all the studying I have to do just to hold a C-average in this class. (Thankfully I got a 35/40 on my policy statement, so thank God for that...literally. ) But I really wanted to do this comic at least because I've been planning to do it since last year. Q~Q With my schedule so packed right now, I'm hoping to start getting stuff finished and posted between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. Then I have to talk to someone about a colab. cuz the way it's currently set up I'm starting to think the person is trying to use me as an art slave =_= I'm not okay with that. Seriously, it isn't even a colab. anymore, they literally want me to do ALL the work and stuff for 12 FREAKING DRAWINGS. *panic* I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO AS IT IS!!!!! *PANIC!* And I have a life you know, I don't just sit and draw all freaking day! I haven't even been able to update any of my stories in forever cuz my mind's on school so much and so many people are begging me to update! Not that I don't appreciate the fact they like my stories, but I feel like I'm disappointing them cuz I can't right now. But I want to actually graduate this time!

*sigh* really all this schoolwork and such is making me a little stressed out. Not terribly, but still not good. Makes it hard to be excited about my birthday next Monday.... ^^;

Sorry I got into a rant, but yeah. Stress no fun. Neither is lack of sleep. SHUT UP INSOMNIA, ME NO LEIK YUUU!!!!!

Well, see ya later! :iconbaibaiplz:
Enjoy :film:
The Anarchists -mascot- (political party project) by Dragon-Art14
The Anarchists -mascot- (political party project)
So my group and I (in government class) are currently working on a project where we come up with our own political party and compete with the parties of other groups in our class. (Winners get an automatic A! ;D ) We got the "Anarchist" bit from our leader cuz she was wearing a Sons of Anarchy shirt with a reaper on it. So naturally our mascot is the reaper ;)
So, I looked up a clip art of a reaper and used my sketchbook app and photo editing to make it look like it belonged with a political party. NO this is not the only job they gave me, I'm sure I'll have other stuff to do (I hope...). Besides I got this done in only a few hours.

Whelp, back to work! See ya! :D
  • Mood: Astonished
  • Listening to: meh.
  • Reading: meh.
  • Watching: The Salamders
  • Playing: waiting for Pokemon ORAS
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water
I got the comic posted an hour ago! :D View it in my gallery! ;3


Enjoy :film:!


Katie Louise
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm not gonna explain cuz I'm not good at it X3

Real Name: Katie (And I'm REAALY getting annoyed with being mixed up with people who have the same name =w='''' )
Loves: Wolves
Hates: Killers and Stupid people
Enjoys: Photographing, Drawing, and Painting stuff
Favorite Comedy Group: Blue Collar
(Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, & Larry the Cable Guy)

I believe ALL things are possible through God, and I believe in Jesus Christ my savior. If you do to, please copy and paste this into your sig.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it is called the Present.

´¶¶¶$$$$$$$$$$$¶¶¶´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´Put this
´´¶¶¶$$$$$$$$$$$¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´on your
´´´´´¶¶¶¶$$$$$$$¶¶¶´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´ID if
´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶$$¶¶¶´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´you love

________________________________ ,d88`******________________ _______________________________________ ,d88`*********_______________

Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Country mostly, but the rest varies
Favourite style of art: Photographs, Painting, Anime
MP3 player of choice: Rapsody
Shell of choice: Turtle
Favourite cartoon character: Piccolo (from Dragon Ball Z)
Personal Quote: All things are possible.

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