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Pokemon: After Journey -drawing- by Dragon-Art14
Pokemon: After Journey -drawing-
So, I've been thinking of a Pokemon fanfiction, and I came up with one that sounds pretty fun to me. This drawing is a result of it ^^ It's actually been sitting in my sketch book for a few months and I've been working on coloring it for the past week, this being the final result. I know it's not exactly perfect, but GAWD I love Sketchbook Express! X3

I probly won't even write the script for the story itself until 2017 cuz of all the other stuff I have on my plate right now, but for now I'll give you some details ^^

Characters in drawing:

OC Trainer - Silla

-Pokemon team -
Pangoro (male)
Scratch (Zangoose (young male))
Scar (Zangoose (adult male))
Charmeleon (female)
Fluff (Pikachu (female))
Trooper (Eevee (male))

-Traveling Pokemon-
Pikatwo (Original Pikachu clone (male))
Pecha (Mewtwo (young female))
Pamtre (Mewtwo (young male))

First of all, I think I want PAJ to be a comic or whatever people call 'em. Which means quite a bit of work on my part, considering I would have to write a script to keep myself focused/etc.

Second, the story is basically going to be what happens 10 or so years after the initial Pokemon journey most 10-yeat-olds go on (per Pokemon basics). Silla's to be exact. And If you've played X/Y on the 3DS, then you might recognize that outfit. So basically, Sills started in the Unova region (hence Pangoro, who she grew up with and was originally a Pancham when she first found him). By the time this story takes place, Silla has already been to most of the regions and has moved on in her Pokemon career. Of course, there are still plenty of adventures to be had! ;D

After watching Pokemon: Genesect (movie), I got to thinking about the whole Mewtwo biz and the wheels in my head started turning as far as the two main versions of Mewtwo went.
A year or so ago I actually had a pokemon-based dream (cuz I'm notorious for dreaming in cartoons) and those two little Mewtwos you see were in it. I think they're pretty cute X3
Anyway, I just held on to the idea as just a cute dream until I saw the Genesect movie and the whole thing about that Mewtwo being a female and the original CLEARLY being a male (and the fact the female had a completely different back story/whatever and several other facts), kinda sealed my idea of there being 2 different coexisting Mewtwo 'clones'.
Needless to say my imagination went nuts. So I suddenly had a place for these two little ones in the image to fit! :D You'll probly get a bunch more insight to their story later on.

As for Pikatwo, if you've ever seen Mewtwo Returns (movie), you might have wondered what the hell happened to Pikatwo at the end of the movie after he, Mewtwo, and Meowth-two basically went off into the sunset. Well , BAM! There he is! I had an idea for bringing him back into play as a semi-significant character in the Pokemon world. You'll get to see more of that later too ^^ Same with Scar and Scratch.

Trainers Against Pokemon Abuse!
That's what the acronym on Trooper's bandanna stands for, and it's something I came up with on account of some bee ess about the Pokemon series endorsing animal abuse =__=''' Also, episode 11 of the original Pokemon series "Charmander - The stray Pokemon" got on my nerves. As well as the jacktard from the Black and White series who constantly mentally abused Chimchar.
In a way, the organization is like Team Rocket, but instead of stealing, they "play for keeps". Anyone who's had Pokemon cards and played the TCG ought to know what that means. Essentially, they challenge select trainers who abuse their Pokemon, and if the said trainer loses, the TAPA member takes all the Pokemon they're traveling with. The Pokemon are then distributed to people who will actually take care of them.
The trainers they challenge aren't informed about the organization prior or after the battle. Partly due to the fact TAPA is a kind of secret, which helps in bringing out the true colors of people and trainers who own Pokemon. There are cases TAPA members, do steal Pokemon, however, but only in dire situations, which translates more as a rescue. Though, these cases don't get reported to the higher ups considering the organization's rules/whatever.
Trooper happens to be one of those cases. That little blue eyed ray of sunshine was abused similar to how dogs from fighting rings are and his ears were cropped by the person who previously owned him. Hence the bandanna. I think he's such an absolute DOLL though, I really love the design I made up for him ^^~

So basically, the way I imagine PAJ is like the Pokemon Manga, in that there's a story for each character and they all connect to Silla's.
And I can't wait till I can get started ;3


But you can use it as a reference I guess, if you ask me first.
Be My Friend by Dragon-Art14
Be My Friend
Two days of working on this in Sketchbook Express really paid off :D
Originally this was a traditional type sketch, then I made it digital ^^ I'm thinking of trying to get it published as a legitimate Valentine's Day card :)

I may not have a boyfriend or anything for Valentine's Day, but it really is one of my favorite days of the year because there's always the hope I will some day :heart: And making this card has put me in a happy mood~ So being essentially alone this year isn't so bad. ^^
Though, I've made some new irl friends since last year and they've been wonderful! Especially :iconkarkateffingvantas: She's really fun to be around. :D

Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! :heart::heart::heart:
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I totally forgot to post earlier today! >w<'''

My nephew Danny has turned 5 and we'll be celebrating tomorrow! ^^~ And I'm making cupcakes :D

Well, hate to post and run, but I have to bake and notecards to finish! >:3 So BAAAAIIII~! :la:

Enjoy :film:
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And it's snowing outside! Ooka and Bubba came in looking like snowman dogs!

Also, I have a code for Kellogg's free book promotion that ends on March 31st, 2015. It's a duplicate of a code I've already used, so I'll post it here if anyone wants to use it! ^^ And let me know if you do so I can take it down later ;3 If there's duplicate codes, I'm pretty sure anyone can use it as long as you haven't entered it before.


3 codes = 1 free book from scholastic that you can either own or donate! Go to to enter! ;D

I've already been using their promotion, and it's pretty great! ^^ I just didn't want a perfectly good code to go to waste D:

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :party:

Enjoy :film:
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  • Listening to: meh.
  • Reading: Blah.
  • Watching: Nothing! Homework! :D
  • Playing: meh.
  • Eating: shrimp!
  • Drinking: Tampico Punch
I totally forgot to post earlier today! >w<'''

My nephew Danny has turned 5 and we'll be celebrating tomorrow! ^^~ And I'm making cupcakes :D

Well, hate to post and run, but I have to bake and notecards to finish! >:3 So BAAAAIIII~! :la:

Enjoy :film:


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I haven't done something like that before, but I wouldn't mind doing one. I'm thinking for something like in the Pokemon drawing...10 pts? Otherwise for a whole group like that I'd ask for 30. :u
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And welcome!
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Haven't tried to before, but I bet if I find decent references I could :)
And what kind of background do you mean? If you mean super detailed I'm not sure I can do one on sketchbook ^w^''' Backgrounds have never been my forte ^^;
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